Racial Equality in the U.S.

Heroes of Racial Equality in the United States

This unit includes stories of FOUR American Peace Heroes who dared to defy the racist systems of their day while working to build a more just society:

  • Through John Woolman’s story, your students will learn why it is so important to put ourselves in the shoes of those who are suffering and choose not to participate in systems of oppression and injustice.
  • Sojourner Truth will show your students that there is no challenge too great to overcome if we believe in our own value and worth and pursue what is right, even in the most seemingly impossible situations.
  • Rosa Parks’ brave choices will help your students internalize that even when the brokenness of our world feels overwhelming, there is no act too small to help heal and change it.
  • Through Martin Luther King Jr’s story, your students will come to value an uncompromising commitment to nonviolence and love (even of our enemies!) as the only way to build an equitable and just society where every person truly belongs.

Part I Part II Part III

Through these stories you will:

  • Foster appreciation for cultural diversity
  • Explore the devastating history of racism in the US
  • Empower students to stand up to inequality
  • Nurture inclusion and empathy
  • Develop Social and Emotional skills
  • Create a culture of welcome
  • Integrate multiple intelligences 
  • Engage with your local community
  • Contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • Connect with other classrooms around the world

This three-part unit includes:

  • A cultural immersion experience that celebrates the diversity of the US
  • Well-researched content on Slavery and Jim Crow as well as the stories of FOUR remarkable heroes
  • Multifaceted, authentic activities (spanning all intelligences and content areas)
  • Discussion questions and vocabulary words for each section
  • Hundreds of additional resources listed and linked
  • Comprehensive lists of theme-appropriate picture books

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