Yes, I’ll Be Your Neighbor

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Can we, like Mr. Rogers, try to turn goodness into something attractive? Something so natural that we can’t think of any response other than kindness towards those who happen to be in our neighborhood – whether they are permanent residents or strangers passing through?

From These Ashes

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I was floored by the realization that what these kids have been through is comparable to the Nazis in Germany: the selection and ethnic cleansing, the concentration camps and all that went with that. It was (and is) shocking to think that the Yazidis can relate to this, on so many levels, and that Corrie’s experience will most likely resonate with them in ways we can’t even being to imagine

One Year On

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What happened during the year in this regard is significant: the students came to understand that anyone can be a peace hero, even (and especially) those within their immediate sphere of influence. They learned about famous people “out there,” but in the process they grasped the most important message embedded in these people’s stories – that “peace begins with me”